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The owner of a commercial Dr.Web license

The owner of a commercial Dr.Web license is the legally capable lawful owner of Dr.Web software whose name (company name) and email address have been indicated during registration of the license.

  1. It does not matter if the owner paid for the license or merely entered their data during registration. Payment is not a prerequisite that ensures legality of the ownership: a third party can pay for a license. Under these articles neither must the owner enter their personal information themselves during registration. It does not affect the owner's legal status (except for children under the age of 14).
  2. If one person purchases a Dr.Web and presents it to another one, it is the present receiver who will be the owner.
  3. If payment for a Dr.Web license is made by a third party (but it is not a gift), the person whose name is specified during registration of the license will be deemed its owner.
  4. Parents (guardians) purchase a licenses for children.
    • If they are beyond the age of 18, they become owners.
    • If children are aged 14-18, they will own it, but only if a written consent of their parents or guardians is provided.
    • If children are under 14 years old, they are deemed the owners, but only if their data has been specified by their parents or guardians during the registration.
  5. A disabled person purchases a license or someone else buys it for such a person.

    In this case, the person for whom the license has been purchased will be the owner, but only with the written consent of the guardian.

  6. Bequeath a license.

    In this case, the heir of the testator will won the license. When contacting the technical support to change the data on the license owner, you need to present a certificate of inheritance from notaries at the place of the inheritance release.

  7. Transfer license between legal entities.

    The transfer of rights to use Dr.Web software (license) from one entity to another entity is only possible in the following cases.

    1. Reorganization of the legal entity that intends to transfer a license when the entity is involved into a merger, takeover, separation, spin-off or restructuring.
      In a merger rights and liabilities (including licenses) of each party are transferred to the newly established legal entity in accordance with the certificate of merger.
      In a takeover of an entity by another entity, the latter obtains the rights and liabilities (including licenses) of the acquired legal entity in accordance with the takeover certificate.
      In a division, rights and liabilities (including licenses) of the divided party are transferred to the newly established legal entities in accordance with the separation balance sheet.
      When a legal entity or entities spin off another entity, each of them acquires rights and obligations (including licenses) of the reorganised entity in accordance with the separation balance sheet.
      If the company type is changed, the newly established legal entity acquires the rights and liabilities (including licenses) of the reorganized legal entity in accordance with the corresponding certificate issued with regard to the change.
      Balance sheets and certificates concerning any type of reorganisation listed above must contain a provision about succession of all liabilities (including licenses) of the reorganised party in respect of all its creditors and debtors.

    2. The entity that transfers its rights and obligations must have a written consent from Doctor Web regarding distribution of licenses by entering into sublicense agreements.

      In all other cases, the transfer of licenses between legal entities is impossible.

      In case of entity reorganisation by merger, takeover, division, spin-off or change of the company type, the former owner of the license will not be able to use it any longer since the license will transferred under a corresponding certificate or balance sheet.

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