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Is your Dr.Web license legal?

You are a legal Dr.Web user, if Your Dr.Web copy is illegal, if
  • You purchased Dr.Web license in the Dr.Web online store or from any of Dr.Web authorized partners.
  • You (or someone acting on your behalf) registered* the license. The license is registered in your name or the name of a workplace colleague.
  • You received a Dr.Web ОЕМ-license with the purchase of a new computer. You (or someone acting on your behalf) registered the license.
Congratulations! You are a legal user!
  • Your friend or colleague gave you a Dr.Web license (serial number or a key file), but you did not register the license.
  • The license holder's name* is unknown to you.
  • You have a Dr.Web ОЕМ-license, but you did not purchase a new computer with it.
  • You copied the Dr.Web key file (serial number) from your office computer.
  • Your computer was being repaired, and someone from the repair company installed Dr.Web on it, but the license is not registered in your name.
  • You use a Dr.Web key file on a number of computers falling outside the license limits.
We're sorry, but you appear to be a Pirate.

*Where can you verify the license holder's name in Dr.Web for Windows?

  • In the “My Dr.Web” cabinet, license area.
  • In Dr.Web Scanner for Windows
  • In the Dr.Web key file